About Us


My name is Marta, the owner of The Cleaning Lady. I have had a passion for cleaning since my childhood however never thought of building a business out of it. I grew up in a rural village in Hungary and studied sociology and media studies at Corvinus University in Budapest. I worked in theatre management in Hungary until 2015. My adventurous spirit led me to the other side of the world – New Zealand.

I had $500 in my pocket, and within a week of arriving in Queenstown, I landed my first job as a waitress.  While serving a customer one evening, he asked about my accent and background; I will never forgot what he said, after hearing my story – “We need more people like you, I am sure you will be successful in New Zealand with your attitude.” Not long after that, I found my first cleaning job where I learned the basics of being a professional cleaner by cleaning high end properties around Queenstown. I loved that job but at that time was more excited to save some money for my travels and keep the adventure going.

I met my husband while doing the traditional backpacker job of working in a packhouse in Mt Maunganui. Amongst other things, this was what led me to eventually decide to stay in New Zealand. When we moved to Auckland, I started doing cleaning jobs to supplement my income.   My customers were so happy with the service that they started referring me to more and more of their friends.  It reached a point where I had no capacity to meet everyone’s requirements, so I took the plunge, resigned from my job and started my own business.

The Cleaning Lady specialises in house cleaning without using harsh chemicals. The environment and the sustainability of our planet are close to my heart.  I apply these values to my business and make it a point to continually research and find the best products and best methods to ensure your home is meticulous using sustainable natural products and reducing plastic and water consumption.

The past four years has allowed me to practice and develop highly professional, gold standard cleaning methods which bring delight to my many satisfied community of customers. I have standardized systems and processes in place which are easy to follow, meaning my staff understand the high expectations I set.  It ensures we deliver consistent, sustainable, eco-friendly quality for every clean.